minimalist living room table
minimalist living room table

27 Best Living Room Ideas With Small and Minimalist House Details

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Now, minimalist design starts to be so popular.

It seems that people are bored with luxury or vintage styles,


and they want to go to minimalist design for living room ideas.

This is a good thing and very possible to do.


Being minimalist is different from limited spaces.

All houses, with various sizes, can apply the minimalist design.


It can happen because this does not talk about minimal size,

but simplicity and effectiveness in interior design.


That’s why both small and large house can work with this.


In case you have small house and want to have minimalist design,

just make it. It even can bring good effect since the house will look spacious and more comfortable.


There are some tips for applying the minimalist concept.


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  1. Variation of color – Living Room Ideas

You must start to minimalize the colors.


Colorful interior is not good and it will only make your house look crowded and full just for living room ideas inspiration.


Monochrome is good,

but it is also fine to use other bright tone,

as long as you only use limited options of color.

living room wooden furniture
living room wooden furniture – Source :


Living room Ideas
Living room Ideas – source :


living room design
living room design – Source :


Living room Ideas
Living room inspirational design – Source :


Living room sets
Living room sets – Source :


Yellow Living room Furniture Design
Yellow Living room Furniture Design – Source :


Living room chairs
Living room chairs –


living room decor ideas
living room decor – source :


  1. Ornaments

When you have many ornaments,

just reduce and minimalize them to get more living room ideas perfect touch.



if you have many photos, make them into some big frames or reduce the unnecessary ones.


The furniture must also be efficient.

If you do not need table lamp or nightstand, just remove it.

living room ornaments ideas
living room ornaments – source :


purple living room decoration ideas
purple living room decoration ideas – Source :


Living room decor
Living room decor – Source :


wooden living room concept
wooden living room concept – source :


modern living room concept
modern living room concept – source :


colorful living room design
colorful living room design – source :


Beautiful living room inspiration
Beautiful living room inspiration – source :


living room inspiration
living room inspiration – source :


living room best ornament
living room best ornament – source :
  1. Mirror and glass

To make the house look spacious, mirror and glasses are important to add(living room ideas concept).


This is great to create the effect.

Combined with the bright color, your room will look larger.


These ideas are good for small house.

Of course, keep in mind the limited space does not mean being uncomfortable.


Minimalist can be suitable to make things more effective,

so every inch of your house can be optimized.


You might need to remove or reorganize some stuffs,

but it does not become big problems compared to what you can gain.


living room glasses concept ideas
living room glasses concept – source :


modern decor living room
modern decor living room – source :


home decor ideas for living room
home decor ideas for living room


modern living room
modern living room – source :


living room with glasses window
living room with glasses window – source :


living room image inspirational
living room image inspirational – source :


contemporary living room
contemporary living room – source :


sitting room concept
sitting room concept – source :


living room glassess and mirror
living room glassess and mirror – source :


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