calm wallpaper vinyl design
calm wallpaper vinyl design

Living Room Wallpaper & Lounge Ideas – Beautiful Interior

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For you who prefer to use living room wallpaper rather than painting the wall, you need to know the types of wallpaper to cover the living room wall first.

Well, many people these days tend to use wallpaper because it is easier to use.



if you do not like the color or pattern anymore, you can just peel the wallpaper off and stick a new one.


The Common Types of Living Room Wallpaper


There are many types of wallpaper to be used in the living room.

You should know every single one of them before trying to buy and cover up the wall with it.


These are some of the most famous and common-to-use living room wallpaper that you have to understand.

Buying them means you can enhance the look of the living room very easily.


  1. Vinyl Wallpaper – Living Room Wallpaper

The most common type of wallpaper is the one made of vinyl. This material is known to be flexible and durable as well.

Vinyl is easy to peel, and it does not leave any traces when being removed from the wall.

In addition,

it is also easily manufactured, so you will most likely find vinyl wallpaper with any designs, colors, and pattern.


Beautiful Vinyl Wallpaper for living room ideas


calm wallpaper vinyl design


  1. Grasscloth Wallpaper


Grasscloth wallpaper is a more natural option for you who do not like vinyl wallpaper.

This wallpaper is woven, so it has high texture that’s very pretty on the eyes.


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The wallpaper needs to be well-maintained.


to clean up the surface, you can use warm water and damp cloth. You can also use small vacuum to suck the dirt out of the wallpaper.


Blue Design Grasscloth wallpaper ideas for living room


living room design with green grasscloth wallpaper ideas


  1. Prepasted Wallpaper – Living Room Wallpaper

Prepasted wallpaper is the most common type used in living room when you are not too keen of installing the wallpaper on your own.


The wallpaper practically does it on its own as it comes with the peel-off adhesive right from the manufacturer.

All you have to do is just peeling off the adhesive on the back, and stick it on the wall.


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  1. Easy-Walls Wallpaper

Easy-wall is often known as the temporary wallpaper as it is meant to be used for a short time only.

The wallpaper’s ink is water-based, so it looks more artistic yet will not last very long.


This is probably needed when you have a party at home and need the living room to have temporary color for a while.


  1. The Solid Sheet Vinyl

Solid sheet vinyl wallpaper is well-known for its embossed texture.

For those who want wallpaper that lasts for good, this one is the perfect option.

It will keep your wall covered and mold-free for a long time.


By understanding each type, you can choose which one that goes the best in your living room.

Make sure you get the right type,

after considering all factors including the weather, and then you will have a nice-looking living room that everyone will most definitely like to see.


That’s why it is important to understand each type of living room wallpaper.

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