modern minimalist room area
modern minimalist room area

Living Room Ideas With Modern & Minimalist Interior

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Living Room Ideas – Having a high-end home design could be difficult especially if you are in a tight budget.

A living room is a good space to start with.

There are several ways you can take to design living room in elegant way.

Most interior designs are achievable as you can make it as elegant as you want based on your budget.

From painting the window treatment to adding cushions or pillows,

these are uncomplicated solutions you could do with.

When it comes to decorate home to look custom-made and high-end,

the details are the most crucial keys.

Here, you are going to find out least expensive yet the easiest ways to make your living room looks elegant.

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  • Crown molding – Living Room

Crown molding come with a purpose to make the room completely finished,

as it brings the walls and ceilings together as well as giving them an elegant appearance.

Without this, the space will look unfinished and cheap.

Luckily, it is moderately economical that make it reasonable in nearly any budget.

living room ideas
crown molding ideas and design


room design ideas
room design ideas


room decor ideas
room decor ideas


room decor inspiration
room decor inspiration – source :


room decor and design ideas
room decor and design ideas – source :


room inspiration
room inspiration – source :
  • Painting color

When decorating a space, paint color could hold an important element to think about particularly when lingering space decor based on color palettes.


if you want an elegant living space,

there are definite colors that possibly can add immediate glamour to the room.

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painting color room ideas
painting color room ideas –


white color room ideas
white color room ideas


Blue paint room design inpiration
Blue paint room design inpiration
  • Window treatment

A house without windows will look cheap and unfinished.

In addition,

window treatment is considered as budget-friendly to add the elegance to family space.

You can opt to avoid choosing transparent materials.

Stick it with elegant materials like cotton, linen or natural silk.

If you don’t like draperies, choose wood blinds or bamboo shades.

As mentioned above,

you can create an elegant space through interior design to be implemented in living space.

Avoiding low quality item and choosing the precise color are the best interior design tricks to make an elegant living room.

window and furniture room design
window and furniture room design


soft color - room design inspiration and ideas
soft color – room design inspiration and ideas – source :


soft room inspiration
soft room inspiration
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