mid century interior design
mid century interior design

Mid Century Modern Interior Design for a Best Living Room Ideas

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     Most living rooms are installed with unused things for example is mid century modern interior design. Thus, you will need to clear clutters up and making the space cooler than before. However, there are some tricks to transform your living room into a cool, cozy and comfy space to gather with family. Decorating is a thing to start with. You can think about to maximize the space and light. You also have to pay attention to color choices, weight and also scale.


It would be interesting to try innovative things. The living room, in spite of size, has to be function as entertaining and relaxation space. The right tricks are able to transform the room from claustrophobic and overcrowded into a cozy one. Here are several ways to make it cooler.

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  • Beautify with mirrors and dark colors

To create a cooler living space for mid century modern interior design, you can try to place mirror in strategic spot. Hang a large mirror in order to create a focal point. You can put it behind source of light to add nice ambiance and reflecting light.

modern mid century house design
modern mid century house design
  • Drawing upward – Mid Century Modern Interior Design

In case the living room is with high ceiling, you are able to decorate it with manner to draw eyes upward. It is beneficial to make the space feels spacious.

mid century design for living room ideas
mid century design for living room ideas – source : www.pixabay.com
  • Lightweight furniture (wooden ideas)

When it comes to make purchase on furniture for applying mid century modern interior design, consider choosing items with lightweight appearance. Avoid choosing the heavy ones as they can constrict the living space. Consider choosing pieces which have legs rather than boxy.

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mid century modern interior design
wood with fireplace combined living room ideas
  • Neutral colors – Mid Century Modern Interior Design

Using neutral colors on ceiling, floor, walls and also furniture is the most popular trick to create a cool family space. Soft color hues are able to elucidate the space through reflecting the light as well.

When designing living space, you don’t need to deny the extravagant side. In term of patterns, just select neutral pattern like plaid, geometric or stripes design.

modern mid century living room ideas
modern mid century living room ideas


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