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toilet ideas

Bathroom Flusher Types and Ideas – What Items Not to be Flushed Down

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Bathroom flusher is a toilet that uses water to flush feces and urine through a drainpipe. The use of it has been started long time ago. Nowadays, the toilets may vary and you can choose one of them depending on the needs. Let’s get to know four types of flush toilets.

  1. Two-piece toilet – Bathroom Flusher

Firstly, there is two-piece toilet. This is the most common one in United States. What it means by two-pieces is in the separation of the tank and bowl.

toilet design ideas
toilet design ideas – Source :
  1. One-piece toilet

Compared to the two-piece toilets, this toilet is easier to clean, more sleek, and simpler to install. Well, it is durable even though it’s more expensive.


Thirdly, there is wall-hung toilet. You can select one-piece toilets if you have small space, or choose wall-hung toilets if you have even smaller space.

This bathroom flusher only consists of the bowl and flush plate. This one is more versatility, but requires more repair. Again, it is way more expensive.

one piece toilet japanese style
one piece toilet japanese style
  1. Smart toilet – Bathroom Flusher

Lastly, there is smart toilet. It is called to be a smart one because it has intelligent upgrades. Several enhancements include bidets, heated seats, hands-free flushing, warm-air dryers, motion-activated lighting, self-cleaning wands, and deodorizing seats.

In fact, all the types have pros and cons, and you should understand what you need. One thing that can be considered is the GPF or gallon per flush. Try to get minimal GPF since it can help you saving on water bills. For your information, 1.6 GPF is the common one used nowadays.


Regarding the use of bathroom flusher, there are things to be noted. It is related to several items that you should not flush down.

Paper towels and wipes are the first items. Although you have flushable sanitary wipes, they are not really flushable. It is best to throw them away in a trash cabin.

Dental floss and hair are the second items. It looks like tiny strands will be able to go through the toilet. In fact, they can tangle up and create a problem for the toilet.


bathroom flusher
bathroom flusher – Source :

In addition, bandages, cottons, and tampons are third items. They seem harmless, but it can turn out to be a blockage. Do not need to wait for long, the toilet will get troubled.

Chewing gum and food are the fourth items. When you are done with the chewing gum, just toss it in a trash. Do it to the leftover food as well.

Do not flush them down, but toss them away in a trash cabin. Grease or oil is the next item. They may be a liquid, but once they cool, they will turn into a wax. Know what? The oil or grease will clog the drains.


In the list, there are still cigarettes, medications, and kitty litter. All of them should not be flushed down the toilet for sure. Again, fish, snakes, and pets are other items.

Any small pet that’s died should be buried properly, not flushing them of course. That’s all the things you should know about the bathroom flusher.


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