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how to remove paint from cloth

How to Remove Paint from Clothes – You probably possess a collection of old clothes that you usually use for painting,

but sometimes unexpected things happen.


You accidentally brush by the newly painted door and get some wet paint on your shirt.


The first thing you need to do is don’t panic and treat the paint spots as soon as possible because once the stain dries,

it might be difficult to get it removed from your clothes.


If it’s already dried up, don’t throw your clothes out.

The following discussions will teach you how to remove paint from clothes in a few simple tips.


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How to Remove Paint from Clothes Based on the Types of Paint


  1. Removing Water-Based Paint from Clothes

If you accidentally spilled a water-based paint on your pants or shirt while painting a wall of your bedroom,

then how to get it removed from the clothes?


First and foremost,

you need to rub off all the wet paint and then run warm, clean water over the stained area.


Clean the stained spot with laundry detergent or dish soap and gently scrub it using a soft brush.



launder the garment as you would usually do and repeat the process if the paint stain cannot be removed yet.


If there is still any excess after washing the clothing, do not place the garment in the dryer.

The high temperature will instead set the water-based paint stain on your clothes.


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  1. Removing Oil-Based Paint from Clothes

It is more difficult to get oil-based paint smudges out of your clothing,

and it might even be improbable if they dry out on your garment.


Concerning this type of paint, it’s important to note that you never use water when handling the stain.

Then, how to remove paint from clothes, more importantly, the oil-based ones?


With a rusty knife, clean off wet paint from the garment.

Blot the stains by using a damp clean cloth with a dollop of paint thinner.

Keep blotting the stained area until it’s completely gone.


Once you have removed all the blots, rinse and spot the stained area using detergent or dish soap.

Then, clean the clothing as usual and repeat the same process if necessary.


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  1. Removing Spray Paint from Clothes

First, you need to know whether it is oil or water-based spray paint.

Then, clean the stains as much as you can with clean rags or paper towels.


If it is water-based spray paint, mix a part of dish soap and clean, warm water.

Use a clean rag or old toothbrush to scrub the stain.

As for removing oil-based stains, consider using hairspray or turpentine.


Take your stained clothing outside and then saturate the stain with either turpentine or hairspray.

Let it rest for around ten minutes before you can start scraping the paint off using the back of a tablespoon.


With a dry, clean rag, rub the stained spot once you have removed any or all of the spatters.


Repeat this tutorial on how to remove paint from clothes as necessary.

Last, wash and dry your clothing is the stain is removed.

How to Remove Paint from Clothes – Inspira Building

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