Interior design classic style
Interior design classic style

20+ Most Popular Interior Designs This Year & Designs with Classic Style

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This year is coming and some people are starting to make plans and agendas for the most popular interior design.

Interior decoration may become part of it in the New Year.

You may want to have something new, so you are planning to make some changes in your decoration.


Although it is still in this year, some discussions about interior designs and upcoming trends have become interesting topics.

In this case, some of these points become good consideration for you.

You can see and make them as some references for your home decoration ideas.


  1. Popular Interior Design : Color Selection

First thing to discuss is about color.

In this aspect, matte black will become dominant color.

…and then.

This shows luxury in its own way and it is combined with metallic and shining finishes.

These combinations are great to choose and they are applied in many parts of house interior.

Dark color living room ideas
Dark color living room ideas


Dark color living room design
Dark color living room design


  1. Home Decoration : Furniture

In term of furniture, some multifunction concepts will dominate the design (popular interior design).

Well, expandable furniture becomes popular lately.

This is quite popular in the end of year before, and it will be continued next year.

Then, a single device with more functions is going to be developed since people look for efficiency and effectiveness.

Multipurpose racks design ideas
Multipurpose racks design ideas


Racks design ideas - multipurpose design
Racks design ideas – multipurpose design – pixabay

home decor


  1. Home Decoration : Pattern

This Year is going to be geometrical patterns. This is not new concept since some years ago.

It was also popular and even some houses still use this concept.

Moreover, symmetrical shapes and harmony of patterns are going to be so popular next year.

Those are some incoming designs in this year for popular interior design.


They can be included in your planning, so you can start to figure out how your interior will look like.

Of course, they are just ideas. It does not mean you have to fully follow the concepts.

It is always fine to have your own creativity in designing the interior.

Since it is going to be your house, you are the one to make decision.

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Geometry Table Design and concept
Geometry Table Design and concept

Classic interior is one of the most popular designs for home decor.

The design reflects sophistication, symmetry, appeal and also restraint.

It’s such a noble decoration as well as clear geometric shapes within.

design interior

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Homes in classic design typically are attracted by its imperial dignity, reliability atmosphere and also serene colors for sure.

Nowadays, classic design is commonly chosen by wealthy people as the furniture and all the accessories come in high price.

This classic design is also perfect for those who love ancient traditions and cultural values instead of ephemeral fashion as well.

classic style

     4. Classic Style Interior Design

Well, to recognize the classicism inside the interior design is not that hard.

Windows, doors and columns with apparent outline, sandstone fireplace, all of them come in rectangular shape.

The niche, in addition, is decorated with statues just like ancient times.

Classic interior design
Classic interior design

      5. Low-Priced Finish Materials

Furthermore, keep in mind that the design doesn’t require low-priced finish for classic style design ideas.

All the materials are unique or natural those make it so expensive.

The pilasters and columns are typically made of limestone.


The walls are generally covered with panel or cloth along with natural wood.

Though the flooring generally uses parquet, however, in some areas like living room, kitchen or bathroom is allowable to use limestone or granite.

low priced furniture inspiration and design
low priced furniture inspiration and design

Simple furniture design for living room
Simple furniture design for living room


  6. Avoid Bright Color Hues Usage

On the other hand, classic style design actually avoids bright color hues usage.

All color shades are neutral and calm, making the largely ambiance soothing.

hues color

Most colors used like gold, light green, cream, beige and olive.

It’s also acceptable to use all brown shades as well.

Nonetheless, don’t forget that the room shouldn’t look dark and gloomy at the same time.

Minimalist Interior design for living room
Minimalist Interior design for living room


neutral color and calm color furniture
neutral color and calm color furniture


Grey color living room ideas
Grey color living room ideas


Wooden Color Living room design
Wooden Color Living room design

room design

     7. Some Chandeliers, Stone Lamps, and Glassess

In order to illuminate classic space, consider using chandeliers made of crystal, transparent stone lamps, or other expensive glass.

The chandelier is placed strictly right in the center of the ceiling.

Thus, the light can be distributed calmly that provide the interior a great finished look.

classic style
Chandelier inspiration detailed design


classic style
Glassess furniture inspiration

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