modern design art pieces
modern design art pieces

8 Modern and Luxury Concepts for Interior Design with Beautiful Art Pieces

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Modern and luxury interior design has been popular in offices, public spaces and also homes for decades.

While it’s not suitable for everybody’s taste, modern design could be a tough selling-point for a house as it has simplicity and clean lines that describe it as foremost aesthetic style.


1. Different Between Contemporary and Modern

Many people tend to think that contemporary and modern designs are just the same.

They are actually different with contemporary style, that it is a term that artist and designers apply to changing group of current trends and styles.

….and then.

Just keep in mind that the modern refers to an era which has actually passed, while the contemporary one is about now and also future.

The design is actually described more by its personal trends that have left principally unaffected for some decades.


2. Modern Design : Shape

Shape is the most important element in modern design.

It makes use of geometric shapes like rectangles and rigid squares together with smooth, even curves.

Ovals and circles are also common in modern interior. It is also typically simple with few decorative flourished used.

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Modern design Square Shape living room ideas
Modern design Square Shape living room ideas

3. Modern Design : Materials

There are some materials used in modern design.

Plastic and wood are common material apply on it.

The wood is particularly finished with opaque finished to cover the pattern of natural grain.

  1. House Plans Wooden Materials.
  2. Traditional House Ethnic Style.
  3. Alumawood Patio Cover.

The use of natural wood is also common as it is used for more artificial materials and shapes.

It features wood with earthier element in harmony.

Stainless steel is also the signature material for most modern design besides used in contemporary concept.

However, they are generally just used for lamp body or even chair legs.

Wooden Furniture Materials - Living room design
Wooden Furniture Materials – Living room design

4. Modern Design : Colors

When it comes to design the colors, the luxury and modern designs have feature shades and earthier color hues, such as olive green, brown, turquoise and also rust.

The color usage should be taken into account as they can add an ambiance into your interior.


As it offers simplicity, it incorporates elements to modern aspects as well.

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Brown Design Modern Design Ideas - Living room inspiration
Brown Design Modern Design Ideas – Living room inspiration


5. Interior Design With Beautiful Art Pieces

Art pieces or decorative artistic elements are very useful when it comes to interior design.

Designing a room and trying to make it beautiful is not something easy to do.

With the help of the right art pieces, elevating the aesthetic value of the room can be done a little bit easier.


6. Art Pieces : Room Decoration

For our information, there are several art pieces that come in handy when you decorate a room, especially living room or bedroom.

The first one is surely wall art decoration.


Wall is literally the biggest surface of the room.

If the walls are left blank, the room will look plain and unattractive.

That is why the walls need to be decorated properly. The existence of wall art decorations obviously helps you to make it less plain.


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7. Art Pieces : Wall Art

Wall art decorations come in many forms, including framed canvas paintings, framed photographs, photo collages on the wall, and many more.

When using wall art to decorate the wall, make sure you are not overdoing it.


The wall should look colorful, but the wall art must be placed in several areas only.

This way, the wall will not get fully covered by the art piece and make it looks too crowded.

Wall art - wooden house living room
Wall art – wooden house living room
8. Art Pieces : Small Statues and Wood Crafting

Besides wall art, you can also use other art pieces, such as small statues and wood crafting.

These decorative elements are great to be displayed on top of the nightstands or the chest of drawers in your living room.


Furthermore, the statues or wood crafting must be adjusted with the overall themes of your room.

Also, mind the number of art pieces you display.

You do not want to cramp the room by placing too many art pieces, right? If you do want to display more than one or two statues or figurines, use floating shelves as the place to display them.

Wooden Living Room Ideas - art pieces wooden image
Wooden Living Room Ideas – art pieces wooden image
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