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Best 22 Comfortable and Safe Door Handles Design

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Door Handle – Selecting a door handle might be simple, but it is not always that easy. You must be aware of selecting the right door handles when having your parents and babies inside of the house. It is important to think of since everybody in your house will likely use the handles. Therefore, let’s dig deeper into what to look at the comfortable and safe door handles.


First of all, you have to consider that they coordinate well with the entire look in your house. It may be very trivial, but it should be considered carefully. As you might know, there are various designs of door handles. Therefore, you better go with similar design to your house.


1. Door Handle : Knob Style Door Handles

There are two common types of door handles. The first one is the knob. This one is available in oval shaped, round, or egg model. If your house is in traditional decor, round knobs are perfect. Meanwhile, the traditional or transitional decor is best to go with an egg model or oval shaped.


One thing to be highlighted from this type is that it can be difficult for the elderly, young children, or disabilities to open. Therefore, it may be not safe or uncomfortable to be selected as door handles in your house.


Knob Handle / door handle | Source Pict :

Knob Entrance | Source Pict :

Knob Door Handle | Source Pict :

Door Handle | Source Pict :

Outdor Door Handle | Source Pict :

Simple Handle | Source Pict :

Safe Door Handle | Source Pict :

Classic Touch | Source Pict :

Classic Touch | Source Pict :

Door Handle | Source Pict :

2. Lever Design Ideas

The second type is the lever. It fits well with transitional or contemporary decor. This one is best to have for your house since it is easy to open for those with disabilities, elderly adults, or kids. If you are looking for the right handles for your family, this model is highly recommended.


Lever Door Handle | Source Pict :

another type | Source Pict :

Inspiration for your door | Source Pict :

suitable handle | Source Pict :

Door Handle inspiration | Source Pict :

3. Handle Sets

Additional thing you can select regarding door handles is about its sets. Handle sets are available in 4 types. They are passage, privacy, dummy, and keyed entry. You can select what is the most suitable one for your house. In fact, you can use different handle sets for several doors.

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modern house needed | Source Pict :

elegant sets | Source Pict :

need more Inspiration | Source Pict :

door handle
Handle ideas | Source Pict :

the best idea of Handle Set | Source Pict:
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