How to learn guitar
How to learn guitar

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How Long Does It Take to Learn Guitar – Most people who start to pick up guitar lesson,

or self-learning often wonder about ‘how long does it take to learn guitar’.


The question cannot be answered easily, as it depends on a few different things,

namely talent and diligence.


A person may have born with musical talent,

but without being balanced with dedication to learn and always improve,

they will lose to another person who practices diligently.


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It’s because guitar movement requires muscle memory of hand

which can be obtained only by regularly practicing.


How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar? Here’s The Detailed Answer


Learn Guitar
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Assuming that you regularly practice your guitar skill,

here is the amount of times it will take you to reach particular stage:


  • 0 to 2 months

Play simple songs on your guitar to get you used to changing,

and strumming basic chords that do not involved a lot of jumping actions between the strings.


  • 3 to 6 months

Choose songs that are little bit more challenging to play and demand more technical elements,

such as easy level pull-offs and hammer-ons.


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  • 1 year – How Long Does It Take to Learn Guitar

By this time, you can already play songs with intermediate level of difficulty.


These include extremely popular songs on guitar, blues, riffs, etc.

You’re also beginning to get a better hang of reading bar chord.


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  • 2 years

With constant practice, two years will get you to be able to play majority of songs out there.

Obviously, you still need to practice the songs before playing them properly,


but the learning process typically take quick amount of time

because you have acquired majority of technical elements of playing guitar.


  • 3 to 6 years – How Long Does It Take to Learn Guitar

At this point, you will be able to play any songs that you want as well as to make your own improvisation.

It is also safe by the end of this period to call you advanced guitarist.


  • 10 to 20 years

You find yourself collecting guitars and have some favorite that you’d like to play often in front of others.

Moreover, you may realize just how much you haven’t learned and want to keep practicing.


The lesson to take on explanation of ‘how long does it take to learn guitar,

above is that learning this instrument is actually a never-ending process.


Learning Guitar
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To get to somewhat acceptable level, it can be reached by six months to a year of dedicated practice.


It is not rare to hear beginners start to learn guitar only to stop for a while and then pick it up again.


If you find yourself in this very situation, don’t worry!

What matters is that you keep practicing.


Understand that the process of mastering the instrument cannot happen in one night.

It’s important to enjoy each of the learning phase to maintain your enthusiasm and motivation.


Again, it must be emphasized that estimation

of how long does it take to learn guitar in the provided list is

only achievable by practicing often.


Putting commitment of practicing will get you into mastering the wonderful hobby

that bring countless hours of excitement and pleasure.

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