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How to Tag a Business on Facebook | Inspira Tech & Tips

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How to Tag a Business on Facebook – With more than two billion active users,

Facebook is that type of force no one can be overlooked.



Facebook is a pay-to-play social media platform for businesses.


It means your business will get exposure

once you run advertisements in the form of organic posts.



there are other alternatives without having to rely too much on paid ads.


Tagging the business in posts is one of the easiest and affordable methods.

Here is how to tag a business on Facebook

to reach out to your prospective customers.

image feature source: www.pikist.com


Facebook social media
Facebook social media – Photo by Merakist on Unsplash


Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Tag a Business on Facebook


  1. Logging into Your Facebook Account – “How to Tag a Business on Facebook”

You can use your own personal account or business account to tag your business.

The choice is entirely up to you.


how to tag a business on Facebook
how to tag a business on Facebook – Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


Using a business account will give you the privilege

to own two links directed to your Facebook business page.


The name of the company and the link to the page are seen as posters.


If you use your personal account,

the post will look less like ads and instead be distributed in newsfeeds.


  1. Decide Where Would You Like to Tag

A status update, an image, or responses to a Facebook post

are the three mediums where you can tag your business.


If you a status update to tag your brand,

don’t be surprised if you won’t be able to attain good drive traffic to your Facebook page.


After all,

only your follower will likely see the updates.


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On the contrary,

tagging a business in photos may be an excellent way to attract “new followers“,

and help you reach out the potential customers.


tag business on facebook
tag business on facebook – Photo by Barefoot Communications on Unsplash


You simply need to click the image,

move your cursor over it until the “Tag Photo” option appears, and click it. 


Unlike the other two methods,

tagging your online store in response to posts is probably the easiest way

on how to tag a business on Facebook.


Join some Pages and Groups that mostly focus on your local areas.

When someone asks about something that is closely related to the company you run,

post a response and tag your business page.


  1. Include Additional Message to Your Tagged Post

You simply need to type “@” and write the name of your business.

Once you find your business page on the popular automatic list,

simply click it to tag your company.


facebook for business
facebook for business – Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash


Once you are done,

you can add additional information to the post.


You may want to provide details about the business you run,

include beneficial tips that still has its correlation to your industry,

or you can simply include response questions from people.


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Figure out yourself and put yourself in the shoes of the reader,

whether it is helpful, enjoyable, or beneficial.

This is basically a good indication that a post deserves a release or not.


To summarize,

knowing how to tag a business on Facebook will provide tremendous benefits.

It will not only increase the traffic to your business Page,

but it also helps you gain more followers and potential customers.

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