How to Weed a Garden in Correct Ways Depending on the Types
How to Weed a Garden in Correct Ways Depending on the Types

How to Weed a Garden – Home & Garden Ideas [Inspira Building]

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“How to Weed a Garden” – There’s hardly anything that compared to weeds

when it comes to destroying the beauty of your garden.


They shamelessly take snatch the water supply,

resulting in dying plants and flowers.


The guide on how to weed a garden in the following will help you to get rid of these intruders.


How to weed your garden
How to weed your garden – Photo by Meilisa Dwi Nurdiyanti on Unsplash


How to Weed a Garden According to Their Category


A lot of gardeners think it is enough to grab and yank weeds to eliminate them.


this method may cause more harm than simply ignoring the weeds

as they may spread and growth anew.


In fact,

you need to tailor the method according to the weed type to make the task works effectively.


Before you read the provided guide on how to weed a garden,

know that it is easier to be done if the soil is in wet condition.

The damp soil makes the roots can be pulled more effortlessly compared to dry and tough soil.


weed a garden
weed a garden – Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash
  1. Remove low weeds

Short weeds have ability to spread at insane amount on the garden.

Some examples of them would be wild violet,

plantain, chickweed, purslane, henbit, knotweed, and spotted spurge.


To get these shorties under control,

place your hand below their foliage and sense the location of their stems.


After you have successfully discovered the stems,

dig the roots and pull them up by using trowel.


Make sure there are no remaining leaves in the area,

because they may grow and spread further.


Easy way to weed your garden
Easy way to weed your garden – Photo by Sophie Shepard on Unsplash


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  1. Remove long weeds

Tall weeds are simpler to eliminate of compared to the short weeds.

Some of their examples are pigweed,

smartweed, velvetleaf, gallant soldier, creeping thistle, and dayflower.


Simply grab their closest stem to the ground and pull them up.

You may use trowel to reach for root further

below the ground and pull the weed’s lever to the soil’s surface.


This cannot be done with low weeds,

because as explained above, they may spread again.


Beautiful garden with no weed
Beautiful garden with no weed – Photo by J Lee on Unsplash


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  1. Remove taproot weeds

Taproot weeds have a major-sized root that extends up to a foot long under the ground level,

which what makes them tricky.


An example of commonly found taproot weeds is dandelions.

To eliminate them, you need to use trowel.


beautiful garden with flower
beautiful garden with flower – Photo by Kristi Simko on Unsplash


Immerse the tool beneath the soil beside the plant then try to wiggle it

to bring the roots up without breaking and leaving any remnants.


Weeding your garden is not something that you have to strictly,

do much often because it depends on your garden’s size and the severity of weed issues.



keeping track with the weed existence will make the work more manageable.


It is also supported by the fact that some weeds can grow

irritatingly fast and strong in a span of a week.


Some people even keep track of weed and take care of them everyday

or every other day to make sure they never go out of control.


You may use the guide of how to weed a garden above in order to prevent their development.

It provides several different types of weeds, so you know how to tackle them accordingly.

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