How to Get Rid of Garden Snakes

How to Get Rid of Garden Snakes – Although some people have snakes as pets,

it’s inevitable that many won’t get along with this species.

Most of the reasons are the venom, while some others may see it as disgusting.


The bottom line is many people judge that snakes are not for humans to be taken as pets.

The danger will be more real if you found a garden snake directly goes into your house.


garden snakes
garden snakes –


Find out how to get rid of garden snakes below.


How to Get Rid of Garden Snakes Like a Pro


Snakes might be an occasional invader in your house.

But even if it comes occasional, it is not a wanted one.


So, how should you deal with a condition if a garden snake enters your house?


Many believe that spraying, or simply putting a bag of snake repellent may work.

This repellent is made from ammonia or naphthalene.


Some believe that the mix of vinegar and other chemical materials added in minor amount will repel snakes.



the fact is such thing is giving you little to no efficacy

– as the best way is to directly shoo and remove them away.


Well, since you are not a professional snake-whisper,

it’s best to get rid of snakes through preventive ways.


How to get rid of garden snakes?

The trick is to know how their ‘lifestyle’ is: food, habitat, and habits.


grass snake snake hide fear instinct head game mind drawing reptile natter
grass snake snake hide fear instinct head game mind drawing reptile natter –


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  • Food

The food of a garden snake is typically garden-ready: earthworm, slugs, toads, and frogs.

This will be available especially during rainy days.


  • Habits

Although garden snakes aren’t poisonous,

they can resemble the poisonous snakes’ morphology when disturbed.


In addition,

under a stressful and disturbing situation, they will excrete something foul in smell and form.

It may not be dangerous, but still, the scent is pretty displeasing.


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snake leaves green zoo tree grass snake young nature sun
snake leaves green zoo tree grass snake young nature sun –


  • Habitat

Garden snakes live in mostly moist, water-rich resources area.

Grassy bushy garden is their ultimate love as well.

So, places like pond, creek, or lake may attract them as well.


Once you’ve known how they live, now you’ll learn how to prevent them to come.


  1. Clean your garden up from any overgrown bushes.
  2. Avoid having dead or loose vegetation scattered all around your garden.
  3. Frequently do flower-bed raking.
  4. Keep the water sources from overflowing.
  5. Standing water resources are also their attractant.
  6. To ensure it will not enter your house, make sure that your house is free from cracks/holes.
  7. Pay extra attention to windows, doors, or opened screens, especially during rainy days.
  8. As it can hide on bushes, it’s best to keep them trimmed low on a routine basis.
  9. If there is vegetation sticks out to your house’s windows, then why don’t you just cut it?
  10. Who knows it can help you to clear out your place from ants as well?
  11. In addition, place your plants – especially the shrubs one – quite far from your house.
  12. Make it at least 2-3 feet. The farther the better.


Well, those are the tricks to answer your query of how to get rid of garden snakes.


It may take time to adjust your garden to be snake-free,

so just relax and do the tricks one-by-one.

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