Modern Landscape Design
Modern Landscape Design

33 Best Modern Landscape Design With Full Color Plant

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Modern aesthetic for garden designs are rooted from 50s to the 60s era, where linear design and bold geometry were starting to get popular.

The modern landscape is a refinement and extension of modernist garden design and mid-century modern style.

Below are several tips to create modern landscape design for you to follow, so you can establish an organized and more beautiful garden.


  1. Choose planting in a more natural and loose style

Due to the nature of modern design, incorporating sculptural and stiff-looking plants might end up leaving impression that you want to impose minimalist building structure to the exterior space.


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beautiful modern landscape design
modern landscape design – Source :


beautiful modern mediterranean landscape
modern mediterranean landscape – Source : Photo by form PxHere


Modern West Landscape Design
Modern West Landscape – Source : Photo by form PxHere


modern landscape garden design
modern landscape garden design – Source : Photo by form PxHere
  1. Deliver more warmth to the hardscape environments

The common pitfall of modern landscape design is sterile and lifeless display. The solution to this issue is to add color.

For example, you might want to use light-colored sandstone and pebble to make your concrete patio more welcoming.


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landscape lighting stone road
landscape lighting stone road – source : Photo by form PxHere


landscaping ideas minnesota
flower for landscaping ideas


landsacping ideas on a sloped backyard
landscaping ideas sloped backyard


landscaping ideas colorado
landscaping ideas side of house


landscaping ideas texas
landscaping with stone ideas


best backyard landscaping ideas hill
landscaping ideas hill


beautiful garden with landscaping ideas hillside
landscaping ideas hillside


best choice landscaping ideas in florida
landscaping ideas in florida


best landscaping ideas desert
landscaping ideas desert


beautiful landscaping ideas florida
landscaping ideas florida


  1. Consider the layout and the lighting

Creating ambience at night setting is important when you have a busy modern schedule. Avoid cool-toned lighting as they give off-putting and eerie glow.

Besides the quality of emitted light, you have to think about the fixtures as well.


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beautiful landscaping design ideas for farmhouse
farmhouse landscaping ideas – source : Photo by form PxHere


landscaping ideas new england
landscaping ideas corner lot – source : Photo by form PxHere


  1. Don’t forget to put your personal artful touches

A balanced design can be created optimally when you combine the furnishings, focal point, and personal touches. Together, they make the owner feels

landscaping ideas north carolina
landscaping ideas with cinder blocks – source : Photo by form PxHere


connected with the customized surroundings.

However, be careful as it is easy to ruin coherent minimalist aesthetic by adding clashing personality. Keeping them simple is often the easiest solution.


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Modern landscape design is a perfect exterior style to choose if you’re into clean lines and neat appearance.

When you are putting some effort you design your landscape, the guests and visitors will be able to find out your personal style without even having to enter the door first.


landscaping ideas georgia
landscaping ideas for backyard


landscaping ideas utah
landscaping ideas with brick wall design – source : Photo by form PxHere


landscaping ideas georgia
landscaping ideas for backyard – source : Photo by form PxHere

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