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interior decoration rugs

33 Best Minimalist House Inspiration, Low Budget Packages & Ornaments

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Minimalist house Ideas does not let things uncluttered to roam around the area.

It favors open space than the enclosed one.

The design promotes simplicity than complicated style.

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Even if your house is minimalistic,

it does not have to be bland.


You can decorate your minimalist house to achieve aesthetical presentation that you want using simple decorum.

Here, some decorating ideas that you can adapt to your home?

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Minimalist House Decorating Ideas with Very Simple Ornaments

Nobody wants plain looking house.

Even if you are not a fancy person,

you may not be able to stand living in a place that looks plain and boring.

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Minimalist does not go crazy on decoration.

They utilize simple ornaments to make the room alive.

Here are some ideas that you can apply to your simple house.

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  • Minimalist House Ideas : Adding Rugs in Strategic Places

Rug may not be the most functional thing in your house.


it certainly improves comfortable atmosphere inside the house.

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If you have cozy or even unique patterned rug,

you can display it in your living room.

Place it around the seating area to introduce some colors and coziness to your room.

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green area rugs modern house
green area rugs modern house


interior decoration rugs
interior decoration rugs


minimalist home design
minimalist home design


modern minimalist house
modern minimalist house


house design low budget ideas
house design low budget


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small house design


modern house design
tiny house plans living room area

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  • Placing Potted Plants and Flowers Around the House

Minimalist house tends to have natural aspects all around the house.

It might be represented in wooden and earthy materials.

Potted plants and flowers are also simple ornaments,

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which increases natural feeling you can feel within the house.

It will be great if you choose bold color plants or flowers as decorations.

It will add some pops of colors inside your house.

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contemporary house plant decoration with flower and garden
house plans decoration with beautiful flower and plant


House front design with flower pots
beautiful flower pots ideas for front yard


simple garden house design with flower pots ideas
simple garden house design


minimalist indoor plants colorful design
minimalist indoor plants


pot plants fence ideas
modern plant fence


roof garden with pot
roof garden with pot
  • Plush Pillows and Blankets in Seating Area

Who says that minimalist style house cannot look cozy?

Even if you are supposed to have small number of furniture around the house,

the way you decorate those furniture pieces is the important thing.

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To make your living room or other seating area cozier,

you can place plush blankets and pillows on top of the sofa.

It helps making people who sit on top of it feels more comfortable.

It also improves homey feeling of the house.

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custom pillow design
custom made pillows


minimalist black decorative sofa ideas
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red sofa with cream pillow ideas
red sofa pillow design


repurposing ideas living room decorative area
repurposing ideas


room interior with sofa design
room interior
  • Candles Around the House – Minimalist House Ideas

Candles do not only act as aesthetical decor of your house.

If you place aromatherapy candles around the house,

you also make the entire house feels calmer.

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You can burn candles with sweet smells like vanilla or orange in the living room.

Relaxing scent like lavender should be burned inside the bedroom because it is very relaxing.

Just be careful and put it in protected handler so you do not risk burning down your entire house.

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minimalist tiny windows house with candle design
beautiful tiny windows house with candle design


modern minimalist house design with candle area
modern minimalist house design


amazing chandelier living room area
amazing chandelier living room area


sample house with chandelier ideas
sample house
  • Eccentric Wall Art

Do you have one or two eccentric wall arts?

You should install them around the house.

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Typically minimalist house applies neutral color for the walls, like beige or cream.

You can place bold looking wall art to make beautiful contrast on the wall.

It is certainly going to add special character to your house.


beautiful wall art design
beautiful wall art design inspiration


minimalist and colorful living room area
minimalist design living room


interior architecture with colorful modern decoration
interior architecture


interior design directory with modern living room decoration
interior design directory


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minimalist design
  • Unique Light Fixtures | Minimalist House Ideas

Another simple way to decorate your simple house is by coming up with unique light fixtures.

You can use old bottles to build yourself nice looking light fixtures that cannot find in other houses.

pendant lights fixtures
pendant light


light fixtures with round bulb
light design ideas with fixture


antique light design
light design inspiration


minimalist house ideas with beautiful light design
ceiling lights


minimalist house ideas with crystal chandelier
installing light fixture


Minimalist House Ideas with unique room design
unique landscaping
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