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26 Best Elegant Room Paint – Modern House Wall Color

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Elegant Room Paint – Painting and coloring play the major role in home decoration.

Designers have many ideas regarding this matter from simple to complex style.

For perfectionist ones,

painting is important job since delightful room is everything.


How do you choose and decorate such thing?

Well, color has to suit the room itself in order to project the beauty sense.

For example,

  “Elegant Room Paint” since bedroom tends to be a place with tranquility and peacefulness,

you need to add proper colors in it.


  • White | Elegant Room Paint

The most popular color in many decoration ideas is white.

People like it due to several reasons.

It brings elegant, but keeps the subtle and delicate nuance without feeling ferocious.



white is neutral color where you can make it as major decor or combine it with others.


Another reason to apply white is that it’s suitable for the entire room, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, etc.


white room | Source Pict :


white room color | Source Pict :


white room and wall color | Source Pict :


minimalist shelves interior design clean and neat | Source Pict :


White Room accent | Source Pict :



  • Light green, soft blue, and lavender | Elegant Room Paint

White might be too plain and you need delicate colors without losing the elegance.

For such purpose,

try the light colors like green, blue, and lavender.


Green is suitable for people who want to feel elegant,

but keep peaceful at the same time. It is similar to soft blue and lavender.


Elegant is about room projection and those colors are the perfect choices.


Light Green Wall | Source Pict :



Light Green Wall | Source Pict :



Light Green House 2 | Source Pict :



Light Green Kitchen | Source Pict :



Soft Blue House | Source Pict :


Calm soft blue house | Source Pict :



Blue House Inspiration | Source Pict :



Blue Painted Inspiration | Source Pict :


Large Blue House Inspiration | Source Pict :



Lavender Cottage | Source Pict :



Lavender room design | Source Pict :



Lavender color Room Inspiration | Source Pict :


  • Black and grey | Elegant Room Design

Black and grey have elegant vibe as long as you paint them in the right room.

In order to bring luxury and elegant touch, paint black with dark grey.


Full black is very risky for the room because you will need more lighting.

To balance it, add grey to soothe the atmosphere while slowly emphasize the elegant vibe.


Well, beauty and elegant look is not something definite because everyone has different perspective.


Designers will conduct research and discuss with homeowner in redecorating the room.

Choose colors that make you feel comfortable then adjust them with your room style.


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Black and white room color
Black and white room color | Source Pict :



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Black and white house design
Black and white design | Source Pict :
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