6 Steps How to Get Real Estate License in Florida

Well, when we are talking about the most dynamic industry, real estate License must be one of them. People are looking for properties every single day and they simply cannot do it without the help of real estate agent. This is why working in real estate industry, as agents or brokers, will bring lots of money every month.

However, to be eligible to work in this industry, you need a license. Real estate license is legit and needed to show the professionalism of the agent. If you want to be serious and build a career in this industry, get the license as soon as possible before starting to work. How to get that license? Here’s the answer.

The Easy Steps on How to Get Real Estate License

Acquiring the license to work in real estate industry is not an easy task. You should never take the process for granted as once you failed; you have to redo everything right from the start. Well, if you understand the steps properly, you can find the process a little bit easier.

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  1. Find Out the Real Estate Laws of Your State

Every state has different laws related to real estate agency. You need to find out the laws and regulatory of this particular industry in your state. Make sure you are eligible to work in the industry, including the requirement of age, educational background, minimum experience, and so on.


  1. Go to Real Estate Education School

To acquire the license, you need formal education. That’s why you need to go to real estate educational school. This kind of school is quite common now to be found in almost all states. In this school, you will be taught everything about being a real estate agent, including the house-selling techniques and many more.


  1. Complete the Course

You should complete the course, so you can take the exam and be eligible for license application. Generally, a whole course of real estate education will take between 60 hours and 90 hours. It greatly depends on the regulation issued by the state.


  1. Take the Exam

After completing all the mandatory hours of real estate educational course, you need to take the exam. This will be your final step in graduating from the school and finally being eligible to apply for the licenses.


  1. Apply for the Licenses

When you are all done with the courses and exams, you will be legally graduated from the school. It means you have an educational background to work in real estate industry. Now, all you need to do is applying for the licenses. Considering that you already have the proper educational background, getting the licenses at this point will not be difficult. Those are what it takes to get the real estate license. Even though it is all hard work, the result will be worth it at the end. You will have a legit license and you can now work as professional real estate agent. Just make tons of money from this job.


How To Get Your Real Estate License in Florida

  • Education

First Time These Six Steps first-time licensing candidates in florida must be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or its equivalent, all candidates are required to take 63 hours of Pre-Licensing Education. This course can be taken in person or online in a convenient. Example using CE Shop : www.theceshop.com

  • Course Final

Complete all course materials and meet the minimum time requirement, it will prepared you for the final with a practise exam. This final exam is comprised of 100 questions and the minimum passing score is 70%

  • Aplication

Once you passing minimum score with 70%, you next will submit the sales associate license application and your fingerprints to Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

  • Pass Your Exam

Once the florida DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) are processes and accepts your application, they will notify you that you’re eligible to sit for the state licensing. DBPR manage all exam scheduling and test administration.

  • Sponsor

As you go through the process of earning your florida real estate sales associate license, you need to find a sponsoring broker to support you. Once licensed this is the person you’ll work for and the key factor to becoming a successful real estate agent is finding the right broker to work with and mentor you.

  • Your License

Once the Florida DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) approves your application, they will issue you your new Florida real estate sales assosiate license. Your license will remain inactive until activated by your qualified sponsoring broker

with your new license a great mentor and the Florida real estate knowledge gained from your pre licensing education, you’re now ready to begin your new career : www.theceshop.com


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