Difference Between Real Estate Agent, Broker, And Realtor – How Much Money They Make?

Real Estate Broker – Well, you must have heard a lot about real estate agents, real estate brokers, and also realtors.

People think they refer to one occupation only. In fact, they are different.

A real estate agent is a professional that passes several classes for being an agent.

Real Estate Agent

Taking a licensing exam is also done in order to work.

Meanwhile, a real estate broker is in the higher level compared to the agent.

They can have agents working for them or work as an independent agent.

Real Estate Agent


realtor is a professional who works under NAR or National Association of Realtor.

Since the focus is on the real estate broker, let’s knowing them closer.

Real Estate Agent

All about Real Estate Broker You Need to Know

   After reading the information above, hope you have understood the basic difference between

real estate agents, brokers, and realtors. In order to give more information related to the brokers, you can continue to read this on.

Real Estate Agent


broker is a guide in real estate transaction.

They will guide the clients based on the needs.

Real Estate Agent

When the client is a seller, job descriptions for the broker is to list the property, advertise them, and try to arrange open houses.

Real Estate Agent

   When the client is buyer, a broker will discuss the needs of this client,

find perfect properties that fit in the needs and budget, help the client to arrange finance, and take the client to take a look at the properties.


here are other things you need to know regarding this occupation.

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  1. Required training for a real estate broker

   First of all, experiencing as the real estate agent is helpful.

An agent works for brokerage.

They should have a license by attending a course that you can meet in a state-approved school.

Real Estate Agent

Additional training is necessary when you want to become a broker.

Further, some brokers do not open a brokerage right after they become a broker.

They can start working as an associate broker.

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

  1. Duration to become a broker

   An agent should spend one to three years to become a broker.

Additional weeks or months can be added too to complete all the training courses.

Next thing to do is to pass the licensing exam for being a broker.

Real Estate Agent and realtor


  1. How much do real estate brokers make

   Talking about the income, it depends on the earning of each broker.

It may vary among them.

It is believed that the income can be different from month to month.

The brokers should be smart in attracting clients indeed.

Real Estate Broker
  1. The prospect

   If you wish to become a broker, no need to worry since the job is predicted to grow as other occupations do.

All you need to do is to take it serious to become a broker, so you can be a prospective one.

Real Estate Agent

That’s the entire thing which relates to the real estate brokers.

Additionally, a broker can be successful depending on his own ability, especially in terms of attracting clients.

One thing to be highlighted is not to giving up easily.

Real Estate Agent

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