natural stone patio
natural stone patio

3 Best Natural Stone Patio to Use as Outdoor Design Inspirations

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Natural Stone Patio – Designing your patio is one of the many ways you can get a prettier looking home garden or backyard. The secret to get beautiful and functional outdoor space is to carefully pick the best styles and durable materials to use. This includes designing the pathway to the patio. Using natural stone patio is a preferable material for a lot of people. Aside from the fact that it is easy to install, it is a budget-friendly but long-lasting material as well. Here are some of the ideas that you may use for your own project.

  1. Slate flagstone paving in grid pattern

To achieve both distinctive color shades and more traditional look, you can choose to use slate stones laid in grin pattern. Flagstones are easy to shape into grid layout and has bond pattern. It is a material that will match with the classic appearance from the rest of your outdoor space.

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  1. Mini stone paving in circular shape

You’d be surprised by this fact, but circular natural stone patio is actually the easiest shape to build on DIY project. The circular paving can be created by using compact fragmented rock as a base and layer of sand on top of it. Circular shaped paving will help to put or shift the focus of your whole garden into the center of it.

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  1. Large irregular flagstone in chocolate texture

Regularly shaped and smooth surfaced sandstone is already common to be found in a lot of patio design. By using huge sized flagstone with rough texture, you could provide raw visual to your outdoor space. The organic texture is really appealing and gives timeless look to it. To overcome the space between, you may fill them with pea gravels.

The concept of patio will affect the entire vibes of your backyard or garden. These natural stone patio ideas above might be helpful to get you inspiration to design your space.

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