Wooden Yard Art – 4 Easy Steps to Make Beautiful Wooden Yard Decorations

Wooden yard art is a creative idea to design your place for the special event,

or when you are only just about to make a new look for the whole yard.

beautiful garden

The creative idea in designing yard art can increase the performance of artistic place in your home.

Here are several ways that can be done to make the yard art.

beautiful garden

1. Choose the best wood type

There are many woods you can use in creating a yard art.

You can select the wood based on what art you are going to make.

beautiful garden

Just use advance woodworking to make the large wood decorations,

such as bridges or wishing wells.

beautiful garden

However in some points,

if you want to make symbols or words, you can use plywood cutouts.

beautiful garden

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beautiful garden

2. Cutting Process

Cutting phase is where you create a shape from the woods that has been provided.

You can shape them into some pieces,

based on the theme and concept you take in making it.

beautiful garden

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3. Coloring

The shape will not matter without giving additional touch by doing a coloring process.

Add some paints with different color.

It will make the wooden yard art looks wonderful.

beautiful garden

Understanding what you need in early steps before coloring,

and don’t forget to sand using sandpaper, so the wood’s texture will be seamless.

beautiful garden

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4. Assembly process

Some of wooden yard art need to be assembled to make it look alive.

For example,

snowman made of wood needs to be assembled to stand up straight.

So as the last touch, you can do assembly process.

beautiful garden

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beautiful garden

The benefit of having wooden yard art is not only increasing the aesthetic of certain place where it stands,

beautiful garden

but this art is also an environmental-friendly stuff that won’t break the earth.

At certain point, it makes your place looks alive and awesome.

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