How to Get Gum Out of Hair
How to Get Gum Out of Hair

How to Get Gum Out of Hair – SimpleDIY

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There are ways to how to get gum out of hair for sure.

You do not need to panic when there are gums in your hair.



this is the result of a cruel prank or it can be entirely your fault as well.


Getting the gums out of the hairs are very easy, actually,

as there are numerous home remedies and method you can do at home to remove all the mess.


There will be several to explain here.


Methods on How to Get Gum Out of Hair


A. The Ice Cube Methods


  • Find a Big Ice Cube

The first method on how to get gum out of hair is to use ice cube.

This method is basically to freeze the gum and make it easy to peel off the hair.


To start the process, you need to find a decent-size ice cube.


Make sure that the ice cube is larger than the gum,

so that it can be pressed properly onto the gum and freeze the whole thing.


  • Press the Ice Cube onto the Gum

Now hold the ice cube and then press it down to the gum immediately.


Wait for like 5 to 10 minutes while keep pressing to make sure that the gum is freezing all the way through.


  • Peel the Gum Carefully

Now that the gum is completely frozen, you can peel the gum off the hair quite easily.

Make sure that you can peel off the gum without causing too much hair to get pulled with it.

The trick here is doing it slowly and carefully.


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  • Wash the Hair

The gum should be out of the hair now.

All you have to do now is basically wash the hair to remove all the residual mess from the gum.

After that, your hair should look as good as before.


image profile photo: Photo by Samuele Giglio on Unsplash


B. The Cooking Oil Method


  • Get Non-Scented, Unflavored Cooking Oil

The kind of cooking oil to use here is better be the one with no scents at all and no flavor.

Strong-scented oil, like olive oil, is probably unsuitable as it will leave residual smell in your hair.


  • Separate the Affected Hair

Once you find the oil, grab a rubber band and separate the affected hair.

It should be done so that you can apply the oil without messing around with the non-affected hair.


  • Apply Cooking Oil on the Affected Hair

Apply the cooking oil on the gum and on the hair sticking on it.

It should lubricate the whole thing and the gum will slide right off.

Use brush if you can do this by hands.


Besides the ice cubes and cooking oil,

there are still numerous ways to try, including using Vaseline,

hair mousse, and many more.



if the gum is way too tangled in the hair and it cannot get removed in any way,

the worst thing to happen is that you have to cut the hair all together.



find out how to get gum out of hair first before doing so.

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