How to Cancel a PayPal Payment – Simple Tutorial

How to Cancel a PayPal Payment

How to Cancel a PayPal Payment – Whether you are doing some freelance works or purchasing something online,


many people rely on PayPal as their method of payment.

It is easy to use.


moreover, this payment method is received in almost all countries in the world.


If you use this payment method for a specific purpose,

things can go bad sometimes.


Let’s say, you accidentally sent some amount of money to a wrong account.

In that case, how to cancel a PayPal payment?


Easy Steps to Answer How to Cancel a PayPal Payment


If you sent a certain sum of money to a wrong account, don’t panic!

As long as your payment has not been claimed yet,

there is a chance to retract it back.


For that, you can do these steps below:


  1. Log in to your PayPal account first. To do it, access from your PC browser.
  2. Input your username and password. Click log in afterwards.
  3. Once you are on your PayPal account, make sure to activate the ‘Summary’ tab.
  4. Then, on the page, locate the payment you would like to cancel.
  5. Place your mouse on the ‘Cancel’ link. Click it.
  6. You will see the payment cancellation confirmation page.
  7. Once again, review the payment you are going to cancel.
  8. Note that unless the payment status is ‘Unclaimed’ or ‘Pending’, you will not be able to revoke the transaction.
  9. If you got all information shown on the payment cancellation page right, click ‘Cancel Payment’ and that will annul your payment.
  10. If you don’t feel like cancelling it, click ‘Do Not Cancel’ button.
  11. Such action will take you back to your PayPal account homepage.


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Aside from those steps to answer ‘how to cancel a PayPal payment?’

question, there are several aspects you need to know beforehand.


  1. In contrast to such condition above, if the payment status shows you that the payment has been completed (written on the status as ‘Completed’), then you won’t be able to annul the payment.
  2. Only if you see a ‘Cancel’ link next to your payment, you can cancel it.
  3. If the payment has not been claimed for 30 days, then the payment will be refunded to you as it is cancelled automatically.
  4. If you sent the money by using your credit/debit card, then the refunded money will be sent back to your card directly.
  5. But it takes a while for the money to be sent.
  6. If you did the payment using your bank account, once you cancel the money, the cancelled amount will be refunded to your PayPal account, not into your bank account.
  7. Allow up to 4 business days for the money to be refunded. It may take time for the clearing processes.
  8. If you paid from your bank account and the cancelled payment is sent to your PayPal balance, you can withdraw the money directly from PayPal. But, note that it takes time as well.


That sums up the tricks on how to cancel a PayPal payment.


To conclude,

as long as the payment has not been accepted or claimed yet,

the cancellation is still feasible.


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Otherwise, you’ll need to ask it directly from the receiver and going through a refund process.

How to Cancel a PayPal Payment – Simple Tutorial

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