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How to Claim Car Tax Back – During the past, if you want to get a good deal when selling your car,

you may make better trade by mentioning the remaining months of road tax that it has.


There’s a chance you’ll get extra cash if the car has 12-month of tax claim.


Unfortunately, it’s not the case anymore,

so you probably need to learn how to claim car tax back to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) instead.


How to Claim Car Tax Back
How to Claim Car Tax Back – US & UK


3 Steps on How To Claim Car Tax Back via Online


The regulations of car tax in United Kingdom has been adjusted recently.

In the new regulations, any car seller should take an action to make sure they don’t get charged by extra expenses.


Per October 2014, the system of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) has been updated in several points.


One of the most attention-grabbing changes is the decision to eliminate tax disc.


Since the adjustment applied,

the tax disc is no longer have to glued to the windscreen to reveal how updated is the vehicle’s tax.


However, there is a more important change for car seller.

Effectively per 2014, the paid status of VED cannot be granted to the buyer.


Therefore, car’s buyer must pay VED of their new vehicle before using it.


How to Claim Car Tax Back – The prior owner has to claim back the tax as well, by using these steps below:

  1. After you have successfully sold your car, you have to make a contact to DVLA in order to inform them.
  2. Simply visit the official government website of DVLA to ensure that you have granted the green slip of ‘new keeper’ to the car’s new owner.
  3. DVLA will make a request for you to exterminate the log book,
  4. Then you’ll be sent a confirmation email to inform that you officially not registered as the car’s owner anymore.
  5. They will send you a cheque for refund as well, according to the remaining months left on the sold vehicle’s tax.
  6. It will be either on six-month or one-year period. If you don’t receive anything for six weeks, then try to contact DVLA via phone call.


The right to claim car’s tax is not only eligible when you sell the car.


Another example where you’re entitled to do so,

is when you take the vehicle off from the road and don’t have a plan to use it for a while.


In this case, you may want to inform DVLA through Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).


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The case above can be really helpful, such as when you need to work overseas for several months.


You may start to send SORN through the official DVLA government website,

then you’d be entitled to receive refund according to the remaining tax months, similar to when you sell the car.


It should be noted that you cannot drive with the car until you proceed to arrange its tax again.


Another reason where the guide on how to claim car tax back will be useful,

is when you want to claim unused car’s tax, if your car is on the fixing procedure due to being scrapped or getting on accident.

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