How to Find Address from Car Registration Number with Ease

The best answer on how to find address from car registration number is by using the help of DMV,

or Department of Motor Vehicles.


This is like the legitimate place where you can track everything about a vehicle, as long as they are legal and registered.


Below is the step to get information about a vehicle, including the owner’s address, in the DMV.


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How to Find Address from Car Registration Number via DMV

There are several steps that you have to take when you need to track the owner’s address using the help of DMV.

Follow these steps carefully and you will get the address for sure.


  1. Go to Local DMV

The first thing that you have to do is go to your local DMV.

Bear it in mind that DMV is always packed with people.


They are there for paying taxes, registering their vehicle and many more.

This is why you need to come to the DMV as early as possible to avoid the queue.


  1. Make a Formal Request for Vehicle Information

At the desk, inform the customer service that you are there at the DMV to ask for vehicle information.


Usually, the customer service will give you a form to fill.

The form contains everything you need to provide related to the vehicle you want to track.


  1. Fill the Form

Once the form is in your hands, you need to fill the form.

Answer the questions in the form with the best information you get.


If you need to provide some identification, write your ID numbers or your social security number there.


  1. Submit the Form

The form is now filled and all you have to do is submitting it back to the customer service desk.

Usually they will ask for you to wait while they process the form. How long should you wait?


Well, it depends on the record system on that local DMV.



  1. Wait for the Document

At this point, there is nothing you can do but wait.

If you have waited for too long and the result is nowhere to be seen, ask the customer service to send the result by mail instead.


Usually it applies to older cars as their records are harder to find.


  1. Review the Result

When you get your result, review the result. Take each of information needed from the result.

If you have to make a copy of the result,

ask the customer service for that. You will be given a copy of the document.


  1. Pay the Copying Fee

Last but not least, pay the copying fee. It applies in most DMVs.

After paying the fee, you are ready to go home.


Front British number plate labelled
Front British number plate labelled – Image source:


People are often inquiring about something out of car registration number when they need to buy a second-handed car or when the want to do something law-related to the vehicle.


With the information above,

you can tell by now that DMV is the best place to get the answer.

You will no longer wondering about how to find address from car registration number as you know DMV is the answer.

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