How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller
How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller

How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller with Various Devices

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How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller – For a long time, Xbox 360 has become the flagship product of video gaming console from a giant company: Microsoft.


Having been developed for over the years, it still deemed to work well nowadays just like it did back in 2005 when it was first launched – assuming it is being taken care of properly over time.


If you love to use its controller, you may want to know how to sync Xbox 360 controller with various devices, such as its own console, Windows PC, or Mac computer.


How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller with Console and Desktop Computer


it’s the easiest to sync controller of Xbox 360 with the console where it compatibly belongs.


How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller
How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller – Image Source: Wikipedia


The controller is also able to be connected to Windows PC.

If you have the wired model,

you just have to plug it into the USB port then the PC will install its drives automatically and give a notification when your controller device is ready to be used.


On the other hand, if you have a wireless controller version, then you’ll need a receiver.


There are official and third-party wireless receiver models that you can choose of – both perform just as well.


Follow the provided steps below to set up wireless controller to Windows PC:


Syncing an Xbox 360 controller with various devices typically involves using a wireless connection via the controller’s built-in wireless technology.

Here are the general steps to sync an Xbox 360 controller with different devices, such as an Xbox 360 console, a Windows PC, or an Android device:

1. Sync with an Xbox 360 Console:

a. Turn on your Xbox 360 console.

b. Press the circular Xbox Guide button in the center of the controller to turn it on.

c. On the front of the Xbox 360 console, there’s a sync button. Press and hold it.

d. Simultaneously, press and hold the small sync button on top of the controller. The Xbox 360 console and the controller should sync, and the ring around the Xbox Guide button should light up to indicate which player the controller is.

2. Sync with a Windows PC:

a. Make sure your Windows PC has an available USB port.
b. Connect the Xbox 360 controller to your PC using a USB cable. Windows should automatically recognize the controller.
c. You may need to install drivers if prompted by Windows Update. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
d. Once connected and recognized, you can use the Xbox 360 controller on your PC.

3. Sync with an Android Device:

a. Ensure that your Android device supports OTG (On-The-Go) connections.
b. Purchase an OTG cable if you don’t have one; it allows you to connect USB devices to your Android phone or tablet.
c. Connect the Xbox 360 controller to your Android device using the OTG cable.
d. Most Android games and emulators should recognize the Xbox 360 controller automatically, and you can use it to play.

Keep in mind that for some Android devices, you might need to use a third-party app like “USB/BT Joystick Center” to map the controller buttons to specific functions in games that don’t natively support it.

Note: If you’re trying to connect an Xbox 360 controller to a device not listed here, make sure it has the appropriate hardware and software support for USB or wireless controllers. The exact process may vary depending on the specific device, so consult its user manual or official support resources for more information.


The steps to connect Xbox 360 controller with Mac computer is more or less same with the Windows PC one.

If you use wireless controller device,


then download the driver from GitHub and install it up.

Sync Xbox 360 Controller
Sync Xbox 360 Controller – image source: Wikipedia


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Then turn the controller on, press the sync button on the controller and receiver before they both are connecting.


The tutorial on how to sync Xbox 360 controller with console and desktop computer work for older and newer models,

so you should have no trouble to complete the steps.

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