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How to Easily factory reset xbox 360 | InspiraXBox

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If your Xbox 360 has been formatted, and you want to learn how to factory reset it, then you have come to the right place.

How to reset Xbox 360 is a popular topic on the internet because of the many problems that occur when the gaming console is formatted. The primary reason for formatting is to prevent dust or liquid from entering the internal components of the console.

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When the external casing is covered, there is nothing to stop dust, moisture, or liquid from penetrating inside and damaging the electronics inside. In some cases, the damage can be severe, resulting in the loss of game discs, and even the machine’s hard drive.

Console Serial Number

Before you start learning how to factory reset Xbox 360, find your console’s console serial number. You can lookup this online by typing “xbox” into any search engine.

Locate your Xbox’s serial number, and then look up the model. This should give you a rough idea of when the console needs to be reset, because it usually includes a manufacturing year.

Once you have the serial number, take it to a Microsoft certified service center.


After you have located your Xbox’s console serial number, open the console’s front panel. You will see a hard drive and data card along with several tabs.

Remove all of the removable devices that you have connected to the system. Do not remove the memory card, however, as it is still part of your Xbox, and needs to remain intact for the procedure to succeed.

reset factory xbox 360
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In some cases, there may be no removable components to loosen. If this is the case, then you need to unscrew the eight screws that hold the hard drive in place.

Once the screws are loosened, detach the hard drive from the console by prying the black plug on the back. Take the hard drive out of the console, keeping in mind where you removed it.

In some cases, the screws may be too loose to lift, in which case you may need to make sure that they are tight enough to prevent the console from falling over.


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Need to know: reset Xbox 360 consoles that do not have a hard drive

Next, you need to know how to reset Xbox 360 consoles that do not have a hard drive. To access this part of the console, turn off the Xbox and remove the power cord.

On some models, you need to locate the system settings menu. On some models, the system settings menu is hidden, so you will need to look for it.

If it is not visible, then you need to look for the system settings menu that is located toward the back of the console.

xbox console
xbox console – Photo by Sam Pak on Unsplash


After you have located the system settings menu, look for your original game discs and then click on Disc 1 to begin the process of resetting the Xbox.

Following the prompts, your console will be re-inserted into the system. While your console is being reset, disconnect the power cord from the external wall adapter. After the console has been reset, you will notice that it is working as good as new again.



  1. From the Xbox dashboard screen, choose Settings > System.
  2. Choose Storage.
  3. Highlight your Hard Drive or Memory Unit, then choose Device Options by pushing Y on your controller.
  4. Choose Format.
  5. You will receive a warning, reminding you that this erases all data on your device.


It is important to take extra care when resetting your Xbox 360 because if you do not have a DVD-ROM drive or flash memory, you cannot factory reset your console using your original hard drive.


You can, however, use your original games. To access your original games, you should connect your Xbox to the optical disc drive and then insert a blank DVD.

Use the front loading position for your DVD-ROM drive to avoid scratching the console. Once you have finished inserting your DVD-ROM drive, your system settings menu will appear.


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From your system settings menu, select “storage,” then “reset.” Follow the prompts to successfully factory reset your Xbox 360.

Note that despite the fact that there are different procedures for the different types of gaming consoles, these steps are generally consistent.

If you are having trouble resetting your Xbox, you should contact Microsoft for further assistance. As previously stated, there are separate methods for Xbox 360 hard drive and DVD-ROM loading problems.

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