Beautiful Pink Living Room Ideas – Home Decor

Pink Living Room Ideas – Interiors nowadays have become much more cheerful and lively.


Nowadays it is so popular to have a pink living room that even TV hosts love the interior of pink colors,

especially pink couches and chairs.


You must have already seen very pure interior design with white traditional furniture,

but now we might like something shocking and unusual!


Whether you have a house or a condo, it’s important to make it cozy for everyone.

A pink living room can be exactly what you need to make your home look fresh and cheerful.


There are many ways to make your interior look cheerful, and one of them is to build a pink living room.

We all agree that living room is an essential part of a house,

so the design should be functional and comfortable.


In this case,

adding pink color into your living room is a good choice.

Besides this color makes your room brighter, it can also bring a calm and lovely mood.


In fact,

pink goes well with many colors, such as white, black, grey, or even blue.

Here are the best pink decorations you may adopt. Let’s check them out.


The Great Ideas to Apply Pink Living Room Decor

What comes to your mind when I say Pink living room ideas? 

Is it the color of the room, the style, or maybe the design?

On the early years, a lot of ladies think that pink is only for girls.


They do not know that pink can produce a shocking effect in any room.

And you might also agree because most of the men prefer to have pink living rooms in their homes.


  1. Pink curtains

The best way to create a cute living room is by putting pink curtains.

This color is always known as a feminine tone, so you can put other girly accessories as complimentary.


Then, simple coffee table is a must to complete the room’s functionality (pink living room).

beautiful living room with pink curtain
beautiful living room with pink curtain – instagram


pink curtain living room
pink curtain living room – instagram


  1. White walls and pink sofas

You can combine pink and white on the walls to bring the brighter effect, or just put the cute pink wallpapers.

Pastel pink is the best choice to be the main wall color to replace the boring white wall.


If you think pink wall is too much, just paint one side in soft pink,

and leave the rest in neutral colors, such as beige or ivory white.


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It gives the neutral yet glamorous and interesting nuance at the same time.

After that, place some pink-white furnishings there, completed with unique cushions on your sofa.

white wall and pink sofas wooden ideas
white wall and pink sofas wooden ideas – instagram


white wall and living room furniture
white wall and living room furniture – instagram


  1. Pink living room with wooden furniture

In addition, wooden furniture or flooring will surely make the room feel warmer.


Besides, the natural wooden colors go well with pink decorations,

for example wooden coffee table looks perfect with soft pink chairs.

pink living room with wooden furniture
pink living room with wooden furniture – instagram


pinky furniture with wooden accessories ideas
pinky furniture with wooden accessories ideas – instagram


  1. Add pink rug or carpet

In designing pink living room, you do not need to make all-pink decoration, or paint the entire room with pink.

You can only put some elements into your room, such as a pink rug or pink pillows.


They are great to be combined with white sofa, flooring or walls.

pink rugs for living room ideas
pink rugs for living room ideas – instagram


  1. Add some pinky decorations

The pink paintings, pink cushions, or pink decorative plants are the other choices to decor the living room.

Soft pink and grey is great combination, and it is perfect to be applied to your interior.

pinky furniture for living room ideas
pinky furniture for living room ideas – instagram


if you are afraid to put too much pink accents, try to use soft grey as the base color.

Meanwhile, for the final touch, add the cute pink ornaments.

It could be wall arts, carpet, vase, table lamps, or other pink accessories.


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Well, those are several ideas to try if you want to decor or re-decor your living room.

Your taste and creativity are important points in designing the room.


There is no limitation in interior design,

so do not be afraid to try something new like this wonderful and lovely pink living room.

As long as you can match the decoration with the room’s style, your interior will look just fine.

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