How to Cancel Car Insurance
How to Cancel Car Insurance

How to Cancel Car Insurance – Easiest & Straight Procedure

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How to Cancel Car Insurance – There are many reasons that drive you to cancel your car insurance.

Let that be your car which is sold already, or maybe you are just sick paying the monthly policy.


Cancelling your car insurance is not impossible to do.

It can be done as easy as not paying your insurance policy, although this one is not a good method of cancelling it.


What about getting it the right way?

Check out this article encompassing about how to cancel car insurance.


How to cancel car insurance
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How to Cancel Car Insurance the Right Way


Before knowing how to cancel car insurance, it is important to know that almost all states require you to own car insurance.

So far, there are only two states in USA who don’t require you to own car insurance,

New Hampshire and Virginia.


Cancelling it when you don’t plan to move into those states is tempting as it can save you some bucks,

but it’s advised not to do it.


Car insurance is still important because who knows you will be on the hook for someone’s repair shop bills.


However, if you keep insisting on getting car insurance cancellation, below are the common procedures.

  1. Notify the insurance company about it.

You can either call the insurer or directly go to the office to do in-person insurance cancellation.


In case you plan to place a call,

find their number online,

in your insurance card, or in your policy.


  1. Ask how to cancel your insurance.

You will need to follow their regulation regarding insurance cancellation.


Some companies may have several requirements to comply when someone is requesting for a cancellation,

such as cancellation letter,

cancellation fees,

and/or notice period.


If you are asked to do so, do it unless you want to stick with your car insurance.


  1. Fulfill the requirements.

If you are asked to write a cancellation letter,

make sure to ask them the format and where to send it.

In case of cancellation fees, different insurance company different rules there will be.


Some may not charge their customer for cancelling but not the others.


Similar to cancellation fee, notice period doesn’t exist in all companies as well.


There are companies who let you cancel the car insurance shortly after you file the cancellation,

while others may need notice period.


The most common notice period is around 30 days.


  1. Get the cancellation notice as an official confirmation

Had you received the notice, it means your policy is officially cancelled.


Your prepaid premiums will also be refunded,

not including any fees required during the use of insurance and during the cancellation process.


Can someone cancel their insurance policy any time? Well, everyone can cancel their insurance any time.


Maybe you want to cancel your insurance because you want to sell your car – then the best moment to cancel the insurance is after you have sold the car.


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Or, if you want to switch to a new insurance, the right moment to cancel is after your new insurance is effective.


It is safer to keep several overlapping days before you ‘detach’ yourself from the old insurance.

It may take serious consequences once you drive without any insurance coverage.


So, that’s the answer to how to cancel car insurance.

It is easy, but you should know some rules related to it beforehand.


“Driving a car without any insurance coverage may risk you, so whatever your reason is, cancelling it without planning to get a new insurance is not much recommended.”

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