How to Fit a Car Battery
How to Fit a Car Battery

How to Fit a Car Battery – No Need to Call a Mechanic, Simple DIY

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How to Fit a Car Battery – Battery is like a lifeline for many appliances, and not to forget, a car.

We may use car everyday,

which will result in your car’s battery be used frequently to turn on many features in your vehicle.


However, nothing lives forever, and so does your battery.

Although battery can be charged, as time goes on its effectiveness reduces.



in one point of its life, your car’s battery will need to get replaced with the new one.


To fit a new battery, you may call a mechanic to do it.


it never goes wrong to learn how to fit a car battery, and how long does it take to charge an electric car?.


how to fit a car battery
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How to Fit a Car Battery: Know This and Be Your Own Mechanic Later!

Fitting (or replacing) a new battery for the car is not an arduous job at all that even novice car driver can do it.

It doesn’t even need you to prepare many equipments to begin with.


there are aspects people may forget. So, let’s try to recall its know-how.


To fit a car battery, you will need:

  • Safety equipment

Even for a minor mechanic work, you still need to play it safe.

Don’t forget to use your gloves to avoid acid spillage.


Glasses should be worn too.

Keep any metal accessories from your body away from the battery, as well as metal equipment.


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  • Spanner – How to Fit a Car Battery

Actually, you only need one or two spanners in order to get this work done.

But having a full-pack of it will help much, especially when you don’t know which size to use.


  • A new battery, of course.

How to do it:

  1. First of all, turn the car off and locate the battery position. Note your radio’s code if your car has one. This code will disappear when you disconnect the battery.
  2. Once you locate the battery’s position, use your spanner to remove the bracket (or anything) that secures the battery. Keep the nuts from falling into the unreachable part of the engine.
  3. Using the matching spanner, unscrew the nut from the negative terminal first (lead colored in black). Be careful while detaching it and you can wrap the lead using an insulating tape/duct tape.
  4. Repeat the same process on the positive terminal: unscrew to lose it, then simply detach. Wrap the lead.
  5. If you decide not to insulate it with any insulating tape, make sure not to accidentally put both leads on metal surface. Don’t let it touch each other either.
  6. Now get out your old battery and replace it with the new one. If there’s plastic caps on the terminal, simply remove these.
  7. Vice versa from the detaching process, now begin with connecting the positive terminal first. Put the lead and then tighten the nut securing it on the clamp. Make sure to place the right lead for the right terminal.
  8. Do the same step for the negative, black terminal.
  9. Proceed by putting back the securing bracket. Don’t forget to put back the securing nuts.
  10. Try to start the engine. If your car requires the radio code to be inserted, enter the radio code you once note.


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Those are the steps on how to fit a car battery.

To dispose the old battery, it is important to always keep it upright.


Cover both terminals with insulating tape,

and find a hazardous waste disposal facility to dispose old batteries,

as it cannot be thrown away in random place.

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