How to Clean Leather Car Seats
How to Clean Leather Car Seats

How to Clean Leather Car Seats – Simple DIY At Home

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How to Clean Leather Car Seats – In the past, seats made of leather were specifically reserved for luxury vehicles.


Since the material has become much more affordable,

a wide range of cars are now using these durable and luxurious seat materials.


Unlike other seat materials, leather seats require particular treatment.

Here, you will learn a step-by-step procedure on how to clean leather car seats.


How to Clean Leather Car Seats in the Right Way

If your leather seats are lightly soiled,

here are three simple ways you can do to clean and restores the leather seats,

appearance without purchasing any expensive cleaning product:


  1. Leather seat cleaner and microfiber

To thoroughly clean the leather seats of your vehicles,

you only need to prepare leather cleaner as well as a new microfiber cleaner.


There are a lot of debates going on about the use of all-purpose cleaning products.


You can actually use all-purpose cleaners as long the product is PH neutral,

environmentally friendly,

and most importantly,

the cleaner is water-based.


If you are unsure, it would be best to use a cleaning product that is specifically formulated for leather vehicle seats.


  1. Wipe and dry the leather

Apply the cleaning product on the leather surface directly. You can also apply it by using a clean towel.


gently wipe the towel over the surface of the leather seats with gentle strokes.

If it’s needed, you can also use more the cleaner.


How to Clean Leather Car Seats
How to Clean Leather Car Seats – image source:


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Before the leather seats’ surface starts drying,

use a clean microfiber towel to wipe the surface until thoroughly dry.


If you do it properly,

you will see the difference in the look of the seats.


To clean the remainder seats, you simply need to follow the steps above.


If your leather seats are extremely soiled, follow the steps below:

  • Use more cleaning product

To get rid of embedded dirt on your leather seats, directly spray the cleaner over the soiled area.

You may need to apply more it to remove the dirt and let it sit for a moment.


After a moment, use a soft-toothed brush specifically made for cleaning leather surface.

Gently brush it over the seats’ surface to lift off the hard-to-remove dirt.

If required, add more cleaning fluid.


  • Clean and dry

After done brushing the dirt, use a clean microfiber towel to wipe the cleaner.

Gently brush the surface from any remaining stains and embedded dirt.


If there is still any embedded dirt,

repeat the same steps until the seats are thoroughly clean.


  • Consider using a polisher

Use a dual action polisher at the end of the cleaning phase.


use it only when all the steps above have no result.


This type of polisher is not only for paint.

It can also be used for cleaning leather seats by using bristle tools.


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Since the product works really fast, make sure to not hold it in one area for too long just as you usually do with paint.


That’s how to clean leather car seats,

as long as you follow the step-by-step above, there is no need for you to take your car to the cleaning service interior.


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