How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Android – Easy Guide

How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Android – With the launch of Xbox One S,

Microsoft has officially announced that it implements the controllers with Bluetooth feature.


Even though the feature initially meant to give ability to connect controller with PC gaming,

it also works to connect with Android based smartphones.


Read the following tutorial on how to connect Xbox one controller to Android.


How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Android Mobile Devices


Before you are going to connect controller of the Xbox One, you have to make sure that it actually features Bluetooth.

The newer models of Xbox One X and Xbox One S are nearly guaranteed to be equipped with this feature by default.


You can also check it from the controller’s physical appearance.

The ones with Bluetooth has slight difference in the encasing design.


This is the easiest way to see if the controller has wireless connection feature.


How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Android
How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Android – Image Source: Pickpik


Examine the plastic case around the Xbox button: does it have the same color as the rest of the device’s color?

If the answer is yes, then your controller indeed has Bluetooth feature.


Xbox controller without Bluetooth will have different colors of encasing plastic around its button.


Now, assuming that your controller is Bluetooth compatible, all there’s left to do is to complete the pairing process.


Follow these easy steps below to proceed.


  1. Activate the Bluetooth connection in your Android smartphone. It may be done through by pressing the Bluetooth icon in the notification panel or through the Settings menu.
  2. Turn the Xbox One controller by pressing on the power button.
  3. Press the Sync button at the upper part of the controller. Hold the press for several seconds until the indication light starts to blink.
  4. Let your phone search for the controller and pair it up.
  5. If the Bluetooth scanning is not started automatically, tap on the Scan menu that appeared on the screen.
  6. After the name of your Xbox One controller is shown on your phone, click it to pair both of the devices.
  7. If the process is completed successfully, then your phone will show connected status on the Xbox One controller’s Bluetooth name and the sync button on the device will stop to blink.


After you have performed the easy steps above, you should be able to use Xbox One controller to play game on your Android smartphone.


It is especially fun to use the controller for mobile to elevate your gaming experience.



please note that some mobile applications might not be as responsive as they normally do when your phone is connected to the controller.


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Another thing to remember before you’re trying the tutorial of how to connect Xbox one controller to Android is that users of older controller model might not be able to enjoy this experience.


Bluetooth is a feature that’s only added to the controller when Xbox One S was released.


As mentioned in prior,

it was actually intended to provide connection with desktop PC, so it might not work as well on the mobile devices.

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