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How to Open a Locked Door – 6 Worth-learning Tricks DIY

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How to Open a Locked Door – Imagine being inside a toilet and you cannot open the lock.

Well, it sounds dramatic already.


Not until you panic and try to get yourself out.

You may bang the door, try unlocking as calm as possible, but nothing seems to be working.


To avoid such devastating thing to happen to you,


consider learning these tricks of how to open a locked door.

feature images: Photo by Luis Alfonso Orellana on Unsplash 


How to Open a Locked Door with Several Tricks


How to open a locked door?

This question does not even need to be answered as the answer will always be: use the key.


But sometimes door locks aren’t friendly at all;

and this is why you need to learn how secret agents unlock the door with special tricks.


Well, let’s learn how to deal with impassable locked door.

Rated with ascending damage, you can do these tricks to unlock a door.


How to open Locked door
Locked door – Photo by Hussan Amir on Unsplash


  1. A ‘substitute’ key – How to Open a Locked Door

Many people rely on these things to make a substitute key:

  • paperclips
  • screwdriver for eyeglass repairing
  • spam key.

There is a hole on the door knob to which you can insert one of these things towards.

Try to push this specific small button in order to unlock the door.


This is achievable by using a stiff and straight tool – hence why those three tools.


  1. Grab your screwdrivers

As long as the door is yours, it’s fine to disassemble the lock, right?

For this one you don’t need to play agents, since many of us can do it.


Expose the mounting screws, part them,

and you can escape the room pretty effortlessly.


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  1. Old credit card may work as well

This key substitute will work in doors with a latch bolt.

Slide your old, unused card into the gap between the door and the jamb.

Tilt the card slightly then push the doorknob.


It may cause your card to bend.

That’s why you were advised to use an unused card.


  1. The alpha female trick: bobby pins

It may sound weird, but bobby pins are as great as a key in order to unlock a door (with a twist needed, still).


To unlock a door, you need two bobby pins.


The first one is used to turn the lock cylinder after the rounded end is made perpendicular,


while the other one is used to make a long and straight lock pick.


  1. Drill the lock – How to Open a Locked Door

Although drilling the lock out is pretty impossible,

especially if you are locked in a public toilet,

it is a nice-to-know sort of trick. It sounds pretty barbaric,

but very effective to deal with locked door.


Aim the drill slightly above the top of the lock,

and start drilling in purpose to make a hole and to destroy the pins.


You’ll need to change the lock system then.


  1. SWAT-style door opening technique

First, you must ensure the door will be opened away from you.

Using your dominant foot,

hit the doorknob as the apparently weakest point on the door.


You may try to kick several times,

but if it just cracks apart, kicking may not be a good idea.


Then, what if you cannot apply those procedures on how to open a locked door?


Well, as long as you have a phone to call someone outside,

there is still hope.



the aforementioned methods are worth to learn about.

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