How To Cancel Playstation Plus
How To Cancel Playstation Plus

How to Cancel PlayStation®Plus US

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How to Cancel PlayStation Plus – There is no denying that PlayStation Plus brings a lot of benefits,

especially for avid PlayStation fans.

However, if you aren’t regularly using the service,


there is hardly any justifiable reason to keep subscribing.

Learn how to cancel PlayStation Plus through the step by step guide below.


How To Cancel PlayStation Plus via Console and Website


What is PlayStation Plus?

It is a subscription service from Sony that allows its users an access to various premium features,

which include monthly free games, 100GB online data storage,


access of multiplayer games via online, exclusive avatars and games,

discount on the contents within PlayStation Store,

and more. (cancel playstation plus)


The membership is available in three different plan options:

annually, monthly, or three-month with varying prices depending on your country region.


How to cancel playstation plus
How to cancel playstation plus – Source: Flickr


Now, if you have already subscribed to this premium service but don’t want to use it anymore,

you may as well just cancel it.


To cancel PS Plus is to turn down the feature of auto-renewal,

so the cancellation will be effective on the next renewal period instead of being immediately canceled.


If you are still on the trial period and cancel it within 24 hours before the trial period ends,

then there will be no charge subjected.


There are two ways you can cancel Playstation Plus.

Using the account management site from Sony Entertainment Network is considered as the most practical method to do so. (How to cancel playstation plus online)


You only have to open the site on the desktop or mobile’s browser without using your PS console.

Follow the steps below.


  1. Open the account management site from Sony Entertainment Network
  2. Open ‘Subscription’ menu
  3. Choose ‘PlayStation Plus’ from the subscription list
  4. Click on ‘Turn Off Auto-Renew’
  5. Click ‘Confirm’


The second method to cancel your PS Plus plan is by directly using the console if it’s still accessible.

Make sure the PlayStation is connected to the internet first then use the guide below to proceed.


  1. Open ‘Settings’ menu in the home screen
  2. Open menu of ‘Account Management’ and then ‘Account Information’
  3. Open menu of ‘PlayStation Subscription’
  4. Choose the ‘PlayStation Plus’ from the list
  5. Click on the ‘Turn off Auto-Renew’
  6. Confirm by choosing ‘Yes’


By cancelling your PS Plus subscription,

(how to cancel playstation plus subscription)

it means that you are no longer have access to the free games that are exclusive within the service.


Cancel Playstation Plus
Cancel Playstation Plus – Source: Pushsquare


It is also not possible to use multiplayer mode via online game,

even though there are still some exceptions on offline games such as Final Fantasy XIV.


Read more:


You are also no longer able to access the data stored on PS Plus cloud service,

because the feature will be halted along with the subscription.


That being said,

you are still able to use the console to play offline games to enjoy offline games in your local stored files.


It is also worth to note that even though you have used the steps on how to cancel PlayStation Plus above to quit your subscription,


all of your games’ library will still be accessible in case you renew the subscription in the future.

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