How To cancel playstation vue
How To cancel playstation vue

How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Cause of Shutdown

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How to Cancel PlayStation Vue – PlayStation Vue is a service from Sony that offers video streaming across various platforms such as PlayStation, PC, and others.


It lets the users watch and download the available movies, series, and TV channels.


If you are one of its subscribers and wish to put a stop to it,

you can follow the guide on how to cancel PlayStation Vue in the following.


How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Subscription via Website

As mentioned before, PlayStation Vue is one of the services from Sony that provides service for online videos.


It is created with the intention to replace satellite and cable TV channels, by offering channel bundles and packages.


How to cancel playstation vue services
playstation vue services – source: UK.PCMAG.COM


It also provides on-demand programs and features.


The service is accessible through various devices as long as they are connected to the internet such as PlayStation consoles, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.


The PlayStation Vue’s price plans depend on the region where you live because different regions have different available local broadcasts.


The basic plan is rated at $40 each month and provides all majorities of huge networks, such as ABC, NBC, Fox, and NBC.



there is also a cheaper package called Slim that’s rated at $30 each month that offers on-demand videos from ABC, Fox, and NBC channels.


Playstation VUE
Playstation VUE – Source:


The cancellation of PlayStation Vue service is actually far easier than cable TV.


The users of PlayStation console can directly cancel the subscription via the Settings menu

– or else you may use the official site of PS Vue and log into your account.


Read the steps below to know how to perform the cancellation correctly via website.


  1. Go to the official PS Vue website at
  2. Open ‘Subscription’ menu page
  3. Log into your PlayStation Network account
  4. Open the ‘Subscription Summary’ menu and locate the PS Vue subscription
  5. Choose ‘Cancel Subscription’
  6. Confirm the cancellation by clicking ‘Yes’
  7. Fill in the survey of cancellation and then click ‘Cancel Subscription’ to complete the process


Nowadays, there are so many choices available when it comes to TV channel streaming.

Sony has decided to launch PlayStation Vue to compete with others at live TV industry such as Hulu or Sling.


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The biggest strength of PS Vue is that it is very user friendly, with simple and easy to understand interface.


It is definitely will be a good choice for people who won’t bother with learning curve to simply sit, sign in, and watch the TV.


Subscribing to PlayStation Vue is also a sensible decision if you have PlayStation console as the center of the entertainment setup in home.


Cancel playstation vue cause of shutdown
Cancel playstation vue cause of shutdown – Source:



despite its benefits of being an excellent service provider,

PlayStation Vue also has its drawbacks.


The biggest downside is probably its lack of flexibility in offering numbers of channels on the basic plan.


Compared to other services such as Hulu,

Sling TV, YouTube TV, or +Live TV, the channel bundles are obviously on the shorter side.


Simply use the guide of how to cancel playStation vue above if you feel like the offers do not provide good money value anymore.

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